Plaster & Patching

Obtain Fully Insured Plastering And Patching Works

C&D Improvements LTD is specialized in plastering jobs. We offer our plastering and patching services for newly-build properties as well as the old ones which need renovation and remodeling. Our team has expertise in all aspects of plastering works to fulfil the demands of our clients. From plaster coving to plastering the outside walls of your building – these experts can execute every task with full efficiency and professionalism.

Come To Us For The Best Results

Whether you need general plaster or some decorative plaster works for your property; C&D Improvements LTD is the best name of Birmingham you can count on. Our decorative plastering service can give an ordinary room a great transformation and helps your interior designing plans to flourish nicely.

You may need us to plaster ceiling or walls – we are always ready to fulfil your requirements at a competitive price.

Renew The Look

If it is an old construction or if the daily wear and tear has affected the plaster on the walls badly, then you may consider plaster patching. Our team has special knowledge and experience for this job. We can provide you with the most reliable, simple, fast and easy method of patching plaster that can suit your budget and save time as well. Thus, you can easily renew the look of your walls and ceiling without getting huge renovation works done.

No job is too small or too big for us; hence, we are ready to be your regular handyman or the sub-contractor for your development project.

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